Our projects page is a place designated specifically towards current projects or projects we plan on completing in the future. Maybe by reading what we hope to accomplish with the Lords help here in Honduras, God will move your heart to partner with us in the work here.

Check out the projects below!

Project: Church Build (Ocumupe)


Our Humble Little Church

Project Church build Ocumupe comes from the need of church growth and poor facilities. Our current mud brick building is beginning to fall apart and many times the church is packed full.

Phase one is to build a new larger sanctuary $10,000 Phase  two is to disassemble the current adobe (mud brick) church and use the existing foundation to build 2 classrooms and a small kitchen $8000

Phase one is COMPLETE

Project: Church Plant (Izopo Mountains)


Honduran Mountains of Izopo

This project comes out of our desire to plant a solid Baptist church in an area in which few people have vehicles in which to travel. Planting a church within walking distance of the mountain community is our goal.

Phase one is to purchase a lot of land $1000 – 1500                                       

Phase two is to build a church building $10,000

Project: House build


Laying brick with my son Nehemiah at the house project

This project comes from the need to have a place to live. We will use this as our permanent residence as well as a place to host small groups on mission trips. This will act as our hub for missions work.

Phase 1: Foundation – Finished

Phase 2: Walls 90% Finished  

Phase 3: Roof $5000 90% Finished

Phase 4: Water and Septic $2500

Phase 5: Electrical service connect $1200 Finished

Project: Small house for Carla


Carla’s current house

Carla – Carla is a single mother of 4 whose youngest is 10 months old. Carla has been faithful in her church attendance and has shown growth in the Lord. Carla was physically abused by her parents as a child and removed from her home and placed in an orphanage where she was raised. Carla currently lives in a shack. When it rains her baby gets wet and the floor turns to mud. The roof leaks like a spaghetti colander. We would like to build her a small one room house to keep her family dry and her baby healthy.

Cost $ 6500-7000



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