2 Weeks of Crazy

15 Feb

Jennie and I had the opportunity to take a trip back to Honduras to visit the Ministry and church as well as some of our friends. The purpose of the trip was to check to see how the church was doing while selling off some of the things that had made our house a target for theft. We also came with the funds to do some ministry projects.

To make it easy I’m just going to make a bullet list of the things we did while we were there.

  • The first day we purchased groceries and visited with friends. The groceries didn’t last long as all of our neighbors seemed to show up just in time for dinner to “visit.” We consistently had an extra 10-12 people per night to feed.
  • Day two we started to purchase materials for a church bathroom which was a long overdue necessity. It wasn’t uncommon to see ladies squatting behind the church to use the “outdoor facilities.”
  • IMG_1115

    Jennie unloading bricks for the new Bathroom.

  • We spent various days throughout the next two weeks working on that project.
  • We also visited the kids in the orphanage and handed out the blankets that the Olympians had made for them.
  • IMG_1139

    A happy kid with his new blanket.


  • Spent a day installing a sum-pump in my basement that floods during rainy season.
  • Changed the oil and fixed a drive shaft bearing that had stripped out of the church vehicle.
  • Fixed a water leak in our water cistern
  • Installed some security cameras
  • Had to take a panel of metal roofing of the house of our neighbor at 11:00 o’clock at night to let her in. The lock had broke on her door and the windows have metal bars on them. It was the last option. I was later able to repair her lock.
  • Spent time participating in church and prayer meetings.
  • Wasted two days trying to register a vehicle at the Honduran DMV…If you think our DMV is bad, you have no idea!
  • Was extremely grossed out when I had septic sprayed all over my  mouth, eyes and face during the new bathroom installation.
  • Spent some time with a young girl who recently had a cute baby boy…Our kids sent down some baby clothes for him and Jennie purchased some baby formula and baby food for this extremely poor family.
  • IMG_1107

    Cindy and her new baby Justin


  • It was nice to work with Jennie during these weeks, but we missed our kids like crazy. They ended up getting the flu and it was hard on Jennie to be away while she knew they were sick…the motherly instinct is always there no matter how far away your kids are.

I know there is a lot of things we did that I missed mentioning, but I hope that gives you an idea. Thanks to all of you who have continued to support us in this transition.

Thanks for all who helped out with our kids when we were away…we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

Just to visit was hard for me as I see the load of work that still needs to be done.

Thanks for all you do for us and the Lords work in Honduras.

Your Missionaries Tim & Jennie

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