Back on North American soil

15 Oct

Despite a very hectic and busy September in Honduras, we were able to make our flight out of Tegucigalpa on time…Barely! Jennie and I frantically rushed through airport security to make the flight. We had sent our kids ahead of us with our friend Lauren as we tied up some lose ends with a baggage inspection agent. I almost thought that they were going to be leaving with out us. They almost did.



Some of the crew at the airport in El Salvador

September was an absolute whirlwind as Jennie worked hard preparing for a conference while packing and hosting a group of fine ladies from CFC. I worked at preparing our house for departure, building my neighbors a roof while running around finalizing many undone errands.

We had just moved a month prior into our new house in Honduras and now we were packing again to head back to the USA. My wife is a saint and now also a professional packer. God bless her!

This past week we have worked at settling in here. I got a phone, internet hooked up and we now have a small passenger vehicle. Jennie has worked at unpacking, setting up our insurance and medical exams for the kids while ordering new home-school materials. We are still in the hunt for a family vehicle. If we were in Honduras still, I would attempt at putting all 9 of us in the Accord, but I’m pretty sure that they would frown upon that here.

We hadn’t been back for more than a week when we got word that someone in Honduras attempted to break into our house there. A window was broken and half pried out. Thankfully the metal bars we installed prevented them from getting in. Crime is rampant there…sad!

Many have asked me what our plans are for the future in ministry. Honestly, right now we don’t know for sure. Right now we are missionaries on furlough. Our future ministry plans may change depending on the dental needs for my girls. If the orthodontists and oral surgeons can do what they need to do in a relatively short amount of time, we will head back to our ministry in Honduras. If the procedures needed are pushed into multiple years, we will plant ourselves here and look to serve in another facet of ministry. We will keep you informed once we have a plan for them and if or how it will impact our ministry.

Please continue to pray for us as we adjust to a very different culture. Pray for my kids as they also adjust.

I can’t write without saying thank you. Thank you for your support and prayers over the last six years. We could not do what we do without your support.

In Christ, Tim

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