Moving again!

18 Aug

My poor wife! She once again is packing up a house to move. This time we are moving from a house we have been renting to a house that we are finishing up building here in Honduras. About three years ago we purchased a piece of property for the purpose of building a house/ministry headquarters right here in the beautiful mountains of Honduras. The house is a short 5 minute drive from the church and townspeople we are working with. The only down part is that our new house is without a well and internet.

Moving is always stressful and my poor wife has done it 8 times since we have been married. I think she is getting ready to settle down. God willing the Lord will provide and answer her prayers. She is always the one who packs and organizes the move.

Sometimes I forget how different the culture is here. Last Sunday instead of a church service we spent the morning fixing the road that our church is on. We spent the morning filling in parts of the washed out road with rocks and dirt. The road had gotten to the point in which the church van could no longer pass through the ruts. Not only did fixing the road help us, but it gave us an opportunity to help out the community and show the love of Christ to the people in the village.

The older I get the more I realize how crucial it is for the body of Christ to be unified in its effort to share Christ and make disciples. I will be 41 this year and I can honestly say that the pride I once had to be the one who does it all has diminished. I openly welcome the help. Yes, the desire to see results is just as strong as ever, I just don´t need to personally be the one who hammers every nail home. We all have gifts and we need to work together for the Glory of God.

We may be entering into some changes in ministry as we head back the the States for an extended furlough. We are still working on the details and will let you know as we solidify things on our end. Currently we are still fully invested in our ministry with the community and church here in Honduras.

Praise God for generous people. The last 2 months we have had full support due to the generous one time gifts from people who support what we do here. Thank you! Thanks to all who have labored with us through financial giving.  We could not serve here without you. Our family of nine have not gone one day without food in our bellies. Praise God.

Our Rottweiler had puppies which we have been selling to pay for the ceramic tiles we are installing into our house/ministry center. We have been working like dogs to get it to a point in which we can use it to host teams or small groups who have a desire to do short term mission trips. If that is something that interests you let us know.

August is family month here. Lots of people preach on the importance of family and many spend extra time taking vacations together. I think its a great idea that the States should adopt. The family is Gods ordained institution for society and should be held as sacred. We tend to lose that focus all to often…Guilty as charged!

Just had the clutch barren replaced in our car. I would love to leave our vehicle for the church to use for ministry during our extended furlough, but unless someone donates 10,000$ (hint, hint!) for us to buy a new car stateside we will be forced to try and sell it to purchase a vehicle there. It would be a huge blessing for the church whose only vehicle is a dilapidated van.


Mercy and Violet made their own see-saw.

Mercy and Violet decided to make their own see-saw out of a plank they found in the yard and a homemade sawhorse. They even decorated it with soda caps. I think I have myself a couple of future builders here.

Well, time to wrap this up. God bless you and may He receive all of the honor and glory and praise, for He is worthy.

Dios Le Bendiga




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2 responses to “Moving again!

  1. Clara Yustiz

    August 27, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    I am so proud of you guys and so thankful for what God is doing through you in Honduras. We would like to visit you sometime. We keep working hard too, here in Puerto Ordaz. God has been so good in keeping us moving forward even though the circumstances of the country continue to be muy mal.
    Okay, solo quiero animarlos a seguir adelante. Gracias por su trabajo en la obra de Dios. Les amamos

    • A Heart for Honduras

      October 13, 2017 at 8:44 pm

      Mil gracias Clara, es muy amable. gracias por sus palabras de exhortacion. Que Dios le bendiga. Saluda su familia por mi parte. Siempre recordar los momentos en ABC cuando compartimos una cena juntos. Son buenos recuerdos.


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