Life and Ministry

09 May

I don’t care if you are in ministry or not, when you have 7 kids, life is always interesting. With 3 teenagers and 4 adolescents, my house is like a hormonal milkshake. All of you parents out there who have lived through it to tell the story have my respect. I love my little peeps like no one´s business, but sometimes raising them is downright challenging.

The other week we had the chance to send some of the older ones to a sleepover at our church in the village. It was an all night event in which they played games and studied the Bible with some of the other teenagers in the church. Jennie and I stopped by at 11:00PM with a grill in tow. We cooked up some hotdogs as a midnight snack for the group of about 20.


Nemi helping dig a hole for a telephone pole.

This past weekend Obi, Nemi, and I (Tim) helped dig the holes to install a telephone pole. We needed to install the pole so that we can run electricity to a well that is being installed at our church in the village. A ministry that specializes in installing wells is coming to do the work free of charge. They are also paying for the pump and pressure tank. This is exciting as we will be able to provide water to a community that only receives water twice a month for 1 hour at a time. Imagine only having running water for two hours a month! We are hoping that being able to share a little H2O with the community will open the doors of their hearts to share some of the Living Water of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately for us, our house that we are building up the mountain a ways still lacks a decent water source. I did run gutters along both sides of the roof that feed into a large holding tank. I am thankful rainy season is upon us, which will help with the cost of buying water. One decent storm can fill the 2000 gallon tank and can last about 3 weeks if my kids take reasonably short showers. Kids are weird….one will shower for 30 minutes twice a day and another you have to force to shower once a week….hahahaha!

Been helping finish up the small house we are building for a friend of ours who works at a Christian orphanage. We received the money from CFC to finish his small house which will hopefully be done within the next month…been fighting for the time to get over there and get it done. I’m thankful for Hondurans like him. He has a good heart and really cares about the kids he works with.

Jennie and I got tired of pop-starting our car and brought it to an electrical mechanic who fixed a bad solenoid. Listen, it is pure BLISS now when I turn the key and she turns over….seriously…Pure Bliss! No more looking for hills to park on so when it gets time to leave we can roll her for the pop!

Trips to the city have been pure torture lately. You have to add 3 hours to every trip for sitting in traffic. Road construction is going on 24 hours a day and has made city trips an absolute nightmare. The one benefit of traffic is that now I can turn my car off while waiting and experience the pure bliss of starting it when traffic starts moving again.

We lost a good helper last month. Dionna, a young lady from NY who had been staying with us, returned to her family stateside. She helped Jennie with homeschooling some of the younger girls. We really appreciated her help.

I can´t write without saying thanks to all of you who support us with your prayers and finances. We couldn’t serve without your faithfulness.

We love and miss you all!



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One response to “Life and Ministry

  1. michaelfosterblog

    May 9, 2017 at 11:49 pm

    Good stuff brother… Although you don’t make me want children :)))))))))))))))) Let me know if you still have interest in that video idea that we spoke about a few months back when you get the chance. I’ll be in the States for about 6 weeks (leaving next week) and would have some time… Praying for y’all and appreciate what God is doing through y’all!


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