Honduras Update!

05 Dec

As always, life has been busy. Busy is good if you like to work. If you don’t like to work you may not want to work in the ministry.

Last week I helped a brother (Naum) in our church replace his roof. We tore off the old roof and replaced it with a new one. Last week was extremely windy and one of the pieces of metal roofing was lifted right of the ground by a gust. The corner of the metal sheet landed on the foot of Naum’s wife. It cut her foot wide open. I jumped off the roof to take a look at her injury and it definitely needed stitches. I called Jennie to pick her up and take her to the clinic. She didn’t want to go because she had no money to pay the bill…I told her not to worry about it…we would take care of the cost.

I saw her at church last Sunday. Her foot is healing up nice.

Before that, Jennie’s old roommate from WOLBI came to visit with 3 daughters in tow. It was nice to have some other Gringos for my kids to play with. It was nice to catch up and have them help out with some ministry. They even sang for the church one Sunday morning.

Thanksgiving is always a time of reflection for me. A time in which I praise God for all of His provisions in my life. I thank God for all of you who support us and our ministry here in Honduras. God is using your generosity to bless us and this country.

This thanksgiving we celebrated like North Americans. We bought a turkey and ham and made pies and stuffing…It was wonderful! We invited a few families from our local church to experience the feast. They were fascinated with the stuffing…Yeah, it’s not a normal dish here.

I’ve been preaching through the book of 1 John. Usually preach about every other week.

For the Day of The Bible, we made a large sign and the whole church marched through the village carrying the sign and singing Hymns. Some stuff we do here is so different.

Our church van motor just blew. The church has been trying to raise money to get it fixed. It is used to transport people to church, funerals, the hospital and all kinds of other places. Hoping it is fixed soon as some people need to walk over 4 miles to get to church.

Funny to see the reaction to the US presidential election here. I’m certain some Hondurans had more interest in the outcome than I did…They are not looking forward to the wall…..Hahahaha!

Thanks for all you do for us! You are appreciated…


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