Honduras Update!

23 Sep

So as many of you know, last month we had the grand opening of our new church. It has been a huge blessing. The extra space was desperately needed. Just last week we had over 100 people come for our special kids service”Dia del Niño.” It would have been uncomfortable trying to squeeze everyone into the old church. Would have felt like a can of sardines.

After the church build, I took some time to finish the walls and install a metal roof onto the house we are building for our family. It’s been a slow process, but we are making advances little by little.


Metal Roof Installed on our House

Last week I played Mr. Mom as Jennie and Patience left for the week to help out with a ladies conference. They helped decorate and teach. Jennie said they had over 220 Honduran ladies attend the conference. All I know is that I am not meant to be a stay at home mom…just happy the kids survived my cooking for the week.

Was nice to get Patience back from WOL NY. She left a hole when she was gone and we missed her. She came back with Cheri Stimson who visited for the week. It’s always good for Jennies psyche when we have guests even though its hard when they leave.

Hoping God provides the funds for me to start a new project soon. Carla a lady in our church with small children needs a new house. You can read more about it under the projects tab. Jennie really has a heart for her and would love to see her living situation improved. Carla works as a maid and gets paid about $0.76 cents a day…”A DAY”…plus food.


Carla’s current house

There is a real joy in helping out someone who has very little. Even though Carla works full time, she will never be able to improve her financial situation without help. If you make minimum wage…consider yourself blessed…Many…Many, can only dream of income like that.

Pray for our kids who have been struggling with missing life in the USA. It’s been really difficult for some to adjust to life here.

Pray for Jennie as she home-schools the children.

Pray for funds to continue doing ministry.

Thanks for all of you who support us with your finances and prayers. You are a blessing and we appreciate you.



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One response to “Honduras Update!

  1. Mom

    November 11, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    Little by little, each step, one in front of the other provides steady peserveance. Gods always in control are we? Stay strong in the Lord and He always provides! Excited to hear your progress and the house looks awesome! Love and miss you all, praying for your needs every day!


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