Getting Back to Field Work

18 Apr

We have officially arrived back in Honduras about two weeks ago. Our travel with the seven kids is always eventful and when you throw a spring snow storm in on top of it, it gets crazy.

Our layover in Atlanta originally left us 50 minutes to switch planes which normally is plenty of time, but with the snow we were delayed 30 minutes which left us literally running through the airport dragging 7 sleepy kids.

When we got to the gate and saw it empty I was sure we missed our flight…We didn’t, but we were the last to board. Thankful we didn’t get stuck in Atlanta for the night.


Jennie Embracing her Friend

Once we finally got back and settled in, it was nice to catch up with friends. I’m super thankful for our friends who took care of our house down here when in the States and for those who gave us a ride home from the airport.


Violet has a violet eye!

It didn’t take long for Violet to try breaking our floor with her face….Just kidding! She is OK as we had a doctor make sure it wasn’t broken.


New Church Construction

I was super excited to see that our guys led by Pastor Dolvin had finished the foundation to our new church building. I was able to jump right in helping to lay bricks when I got back. Another Church had donated the money to buy the materials to start the walls. We probably have about a week left of work before we run out of materials and money…Waiting on God to provide the rest of what we need.


Broken Timing Belt

Life isn’t normal here without spending some time during the week working on my cars. I left my truck for the Hondurans to use when I was back in The States. Came back to a broken timing belt and some bent and twisted metal. This is the third timing belt in the last year which led me to realize my mechanic had not been fixing the root of the problem. Bit the bullet and purchased a new timing kit to replace all the bearings. Then I will lay hands on it and splash some oil on it to heal it. If that doesn’t work I will perform a ceremony to cast out the demons living within my motor!

Much more I could share, but most probably haven’t even made it this far. Going to attempt to keep my peeps back in the States more informed as I tend to get caught up in ministry and neglect good communication. We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks for your love, support and prayers! This is your ministry too!


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