New Year…New Challenges!

04 Jan

What in the “hey who” just happened? 2015 has already passed! It seems like I just got used to writing it on my checks and it is already gone. The years seem to blur together with the older I get, and I’m still young (39). I can’t even imagine what it is going to be like when I am really old…Like 50! Hahahahahaha!!!

Well, now that I have just offended half the people who are going to read this, Lets get started.

2015 was a transitional year for us. We switched mission organizations, we moved to a different village in Honduras and we changed our mission focus from camps and conferences to Local church.

The switch in ministry has been AWESOME! I grew up working and serving in a local church, so the switch has been a very natural fit. It has giving me the opportunity to minister to the nationals on a daily basis which I had a desire to do.

I have learned over the past few years that I am a very prideful individual who doesn’t like asking for help much. I grew up working to earn my keep and if I could do it myself I would. I am a stoic New Englander.

Missions has changed me. I need help! I desperately need the support of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I need my marriage, my family and my ministry bathed in the prayer of the saints. The truth is, ministry is hard work and Satan doesn’t like it. I need help! There, I said it…I need help!

I would like to share some of the challenges that face us this year in ministry. Maybe if God lays it on your heart, you can help us! I know that the majority of the people who read this probably already know us personally and care for our family and ministry. That makes it a little easier to share.

One of the challenges that we face this upcoming year has to do with the dental needs of our two oldest girls Patience and Lillie. They need some serious dental work. Being teenage girls, they have become very self-conscious of the way they look. I ask for your prayers for wisdom as we try and decide how and where to get their work done.


Patience and Lillie never smile with their teeth showing for fear of being embarrassed…I still think they are beautiful!

If we get it done in Honduras, we need to raise extra money for the procedures. If we decide to get it done in the USA, It means insurance will cover it, but it means leaving Honduras for an extended period of time which will affect our ministry. Pray that God will give us the wisdom to make the right decision.

Another one of our challenges that face us this year has to do with our finances. Independent missionaries are responsible for raising all of their own support. Unfortunately for us, we lost about 15 individual supporters and a few churches when we switched mission organizations. We need to raise more support on a monthly basis.

Inflation, my kids growing appetites and our growing ministry has also increased some of our financial needs.

We have supplemented our shortfall from our savings account over the last year. But that is drying up fast! We need help! We need more monthly supporters. We love our ministry and using our savings has not been a burden, but it can only go so far. As it is, I’ll probably be one of those old fogies working the door at Wal-Mart until I am dead. Hahahaha! Just kidding! I’m getting good at offending people!


Some our kids participating in a youth event with other Honduran kids.

Maybe you can help! If you already support us financially, maybe you would be willing to host a small group over coffee and desert at your house for us. Maybe you know people we don’t know who have a passion for missions. It’s always easier asking for someone else…That’s the pride thing.

Maybe you are good at throwing fundraising events like spaghetti dinners and the alike. Any help is appreciated.

For the price of just one coffee a day you can have a positive impact on our ministry.

We can’t continue for long on our current support level, so please help us if you can. I am running out of people to ask!

Another one of our challenges this year is going to be a new church plant God willing. We are praying for the funds to buy a piece of land in the mountains of Izopo to plant a new church.

Pray that God gives us the people and finances to get it going.

Last but not least, pray that we would have a renewed love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Sometimes serving can be automatic for people in full-time ministry. Pray that God would refresh our hearts and minds and remind us of our first love.

You are loved and appreciated and your prayers are coveted.







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2 responses to “New Year…New Challenges!

  1. Allen Horila

    January 4, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Tim, you might be able to get the dental work done at a Dental School for a lot less than a normal dentist. I know some people that have done this and they were completely satisfied. The work is done by Dental students under the supervision of a Dentist. Just a thought for you.

    • A Heart for Honduras

      January 4, 2016 at 2:34 pm

      Thanks for thought! I actually got much of mine done at a dental school growing up!


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