Missions is for Everyone!

09 Nov

I just want to start off by saying thank you! With Thanksgiving right around the corner my mind has kicked into “gratitude mode.” Despite all of the ups and downs in life and ministry, God is always faithful.

This month started off with my truck in the shop, a broken washer and lots of stress. I would return to the shop 2 more times to replace a driveshaft and head gasket. Our washer still remains broken and Jennie has been doing laundry by hand with a washboard. I received an estimate of about $1600.00 dollars to fix my gray suv which has been sitting in the shop for about 8 months. Just don’t have the money to fix it. I hope to eventually get it fixed and try to sell it.

Satan is a tricky foe who will try to attack whatever area he can to make you doubt Gods love for you. Your marriage, your wallet, your health are all areas he likes to mettle with. But he can go “take a ride!” Because my God is a faithful and loving God despite our problems.

We ended up buying another car through the gifts given to us by many of you. It is a 2005 Santana Anibal. We were a little nervous about it because of its age and the fact that parts are hard to find down here, but it was in excellent condition and only had about thirty thousand original miles. We are praying that it was a good decision and that it will serve us well with minimal problems. Car problems have been my thorn in the flesh. Thanks a million for your generosity and care for our ministry here.

We just finished our first missions conference put on by our little church in the village. We had a budget of about $600 for the conference. We have been saving for about a year to have money to do it. I feel like it was a great success.

I preached two messages during the conference and Jennie made and sold snacks to help raise money for our guest speaker. Our guest speaker was an evangelist from El Salvador. He did a fantastic job. During the mornings of the conference we would visit schools and share the gospel right inside the classrooms of the public schools surrounding our village church. We got to share Christ with about three hundred students in the villages around the church.

It is amazing to me how open the schools are down here. We are going to keep in touch with Jonathan from El Salvador who stayed with us with his family for the 3 days of the conference. We want to plan an event for the following year to preach to 10,000 students in a week of intense evangelism. He will work with our village church to set it up, and he will bring a team of evangelists to hit as many schools as possible.

I just want to tell you that you had a part in 300 children and their teachers, hearing the gospel right here in Honduras this past week. If that doesn’t encourage you, your encourager is broken. Take that puppy in for a tune up and praise God! Without your financial and prayer support, we could not do what we do here in Honduras. Thanks so much!

I was so encouraged to see three of our young people commit their lives to missions during this conference. Missions is for everyone, even poor Hondurans.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Sometimes life gets us down and our home across the gulf begins to look very comforting. Pray that we will continue to trust God for our needs physically, spiritually and financially.

I think we will start the foundation of our new sanctuary this week as the rains have slowed. Jennie is prepping to cook a meal for the workers at the orphanage this weekend. The kids are in full-fledge school mode right now and that adds stress to Jennie’s life. Pray for her!

I have decided to make this a month of thanksgiving. I will start off by thanking you for your part in our ministry here. Your faithfulness in your giving does not go unnoticed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever!


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