Tarantulas are cool!

01 Oct

This last month has been pretty busy down here for the Czelusniaks in Honduras. As our ministry here develops, our lives get more and more busy. Busy is good…I think!

About two weeks ago, Jennie went away for a week to help with a woman’s conference. She left me alone with the kids which proves she truly is a little crazy. I thank the Lord for Patience and Lillie who helped hold the house together. They cooked, cleaned and kept an eye on the little ones.

When Jennie was gone I would wake up at about 4:30 and be out of the house by about 5:30. I would spend about 2-3 hours digging trenches at the church for the foundation of our new sanctuary. Then I would go up and work on our house for a few hours or until the heat got to me. I would usually return to the house at about noon to check on the kids and eat lunch. After that I would usually work on a lesson or sermon until about 3 in which I would leave again to go dig trenches until dark.

When Jennie returned she came back with another couple from the states who are working down here as short term missionaries. They have been a huge blessing. They have helped drive us around and prepare for ministry events. Last week we prepared a meal for the orphanage workers and made popcorn and juice for the kids. The Kids watched the movie “Do You Believe” while the caretakers had a break and a relaxing dinner. Jeff and Susan (The short term missionaries) along with Jennies parents helped prepare for that.

I currently have 3 building projects going. The new church, our house, and a house for Jose, (one of the orphanage workers.) It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Building projects will slow down soon as our funds for building are beginning to dry up. Building costs money and our savings is just about gone. There always seems to be more ministry needs than money available to do it.

I am so thankful for each and every person who has invested money into our ministry here. We truly appreciate each and every cent donated to Gods work here in this country. Don’t think for a minute that your gifts go unnoticed. They don’t! We thank God for your faithfulness in giving to his work.

I have preached the last two Sundays. I am preaching through 1 Peter. Hopefully this Tuesday we will start our men’s bible study. I had to push it off a week because our car was in the shop.

Patience just filled out her application to work on WOL Island next summer. Not sure if one of us is going to fly back with her or not…we have to figure out the details on that. If we do, It would be a good opportunity to do some fundraising. Missionaries don’t get end of the year inflation raises…usually they end up losing support. If you hate asking for money like I do, It is one of the downsides of missions I guess. But if we are going to continue serving here, it must be done. We have slowly dropped to about 68-70% of our monthly support which means I have to get back into fundraising mode…uuugggghhhh!!!!

I have been going through the materials to do house evangelism. The lessons look pretty good. It is a 24 week course that walk an unbeliever through creation to salvation.

Rainy season has kicked in which has made our power situation terrrrrrrrrrrible. But we actually need the water which will hopefully fill up the reservoirs again.

Me and Jennie went to a couples dinner at a church in which we sat with an older Honduran couple. They had 3 kids and have lived together for like 20 years but where not married. This is very common down here. The majority of couples are not legally married.

Went to the wake of a 10 year old girl from the orphanage the other day. They discovered she had a brain tumor and she died about a month later. It’s always hard looking at the lifeless body of a child in a coffin. She was so young! Her biological mother was only 23 years old.

Our car fund is at about 55%…If you feel led, we could use the help!

Obi caught a tarantula the other day that he has decided to keep as a pet. Not sure if Jennies knows about that yet!

Please pray for us as we serve here in Honduras…You are loved and appreciated!

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