Your Driving Me Crazy!

06 Aug

Uuggggghhhhh!! Your driving me crazy! These are the types of phrases that dribble out of my 4 year old Gideon’s mouth of lately. He probably heard Jennie say that to me a few times and picked it up as his own!
This week the 4 older kids are at a camp for missionary kids. It is a week in which they get to interact with other north American kids. They always come home excited about their time spent there.
Lauren and her friend Bree who came down spent over a month here and helped us out a ton. It is always nice having other English speaking people around. Jennie is currently at the airport with them now as I write this. I’m sure she will come home with puffy red eyes. They helped cook and clean and make popcorn for the masses. They also spent time with the orphanage kids down the road. Thanks Ladies for your time spent with us. It was fun!
This past month we had two movie nights at our little village church in which we showed a movie on the wall with a projector. We made popcorn and had soda and candy for all who came. The whole village was invited. During the event, the movie is stopped for intermission and I (Tim) preach the gospel. I think we had about 60-70 people come to the second movie.
One night Jennie took a lady to the hospital in downtown Tegus and didn’t arrive home until the next morning. Her, Lauren, Bree and Lillie spent a long night sleeping on the sidewalk in a dirty city. Baby Sophia had Chickungunya which is a mosquito born illness that is rampant throughout the country right now.
I have been preaching about every other Sunday. I write my sermons in English and then translate them into Spanish. I am still learning the language which I have discovered will be a lifelong pursuit. I’ve conceded that I will never sound like a national which is OK with me as long as the people can understand me.
Our vehicle fundraiser started out strong but has slowed down a little. We have raised over 50% of our needed funds so far. If you feel lead to donate we would appreciate it. For those of you who have donated, Thank You! Thank you! Thank you! Your a blessing.
Went to the DMV here to get my license plate for my motorcycle only to discover a line of about 400 people. Decided to leave and return at 6:00 am the following morning. I was the 7th person in line. They opened at 8:00 and I was out of there by 8:45.
Looked at another piece of land last week. It is right in-between our property and the church. Pastor Dolvin said it is about 5 acres. The last he heard they wanted 300,000 Lemps for it (about $15,000). Not a bad price for land down here. Will look at another piece further up the mountain this Sunday.

Foundation to our house

Foundation to our house



Construction on the house has slowed down due to lack of funds. I don’t want to borrow money so I build as I can. The foundation is complete which includes a small basement for tool storage. If I get the septic put in and the electric run from the street, we could live in the basement. It would not be pretty, not pretty at all, but it could be done. It would kind of be like living in a dungeon.
The church just voted me in as Treasurer. Not sure how all that transpired, but I am now it.Not to complicated as we deal with small amounts of money. It is exciting to see how we have picked up 2 missionaries to support. A church without missions is a church without a mission. Even poor churches should be giving churches.
Would love some construction teams to come down. We want to build a new larger church building which would facilitate growth. Also, once land is purchased, I can start on a discipleship center. Our house also has plenty left to do on it. I can do the facilitating on this end.
Pray for us…we need it. Pray for Jennie and our kids. Pray for Pastor Dolvin and our ministry here. Prayer works.
I would love to see Dolvin get the funds he needs to do full time ministry. Right now he works full time and pastors the church. The church can only afford to pay him about $55 a month right now. $400 a month would fully support him. He and his wife are expecting their third child in a few months.
Thank you for your prayers, thank you for your financial support and thank you for your love towards our family. We couldn’t do it without you.

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