Just Life!

11 Jun

Once again I find myself sitting in a computer lab in downtown Tegucigalpa. I am beginning to really hate some aspects of third world living. For crying out loud get me some decent internet….For my whole life I have grown up around computers and now I live next to a guy who uses oxen to plow his field. Ok, I am done complaining…I think!

Life on the mission field has been a little stressful lately. Changing mission organizations, moving to a new town, trying to build a house while continuing to stay involved in ministry full-time takes a toll on you. But God is still good and faithful and loving. I (Tim) tend to get caught up in my work and find myself focussed on completing measurable goals. Sometimes this can have an effect on family life. The other day one of my daughters was having a bad day…..typical for teenage girls by the way! Jennie and I tried to comfort her and talk to her but she was closed up like a German tank! Finally Jennie and I went into her room to try to console her. She eventually asked me to leave which allowed Jennie to chat with her. Jennie came out a few minutes later and said that she asked her “If I (Dad) loved them. He is always busy and never spends any time with us!” She said. I was crushed, of course I love my kids.

I know in my mind that having a balance in life is crucial. We need time for work, ministry, family, play and personal time. But like everyone else, I´m human and mess up. Pray for balance in our lives.

We are still working with the local church in our village which has been great. This upcoming week we will be passing some food out to some of the more poor families in our village. We have made it a habit to take some of our own grocery money and set it aside to help with the less fortunate. I am hoping to get a chance to video tape a little of that for you folks back in the good ‘Ol US of A.

Still looking for a piece of land. I have upped my search and have visited a few pieces. Still looking for the right piece.

Trying to figure out what to do with my family car. The motor is shot. Not sure weather to put a new motor in it or call it a $12,000. wash. I have a little tear coming out right now!

Jennie is amazing as usual…..just putting up with me is above and beyond and she continues to do it with grace.

My Kids are amazing……They just are!

Thank you all for your prayers and support….We truly feel blessed to have you!

With Love Tim

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One response to “Just Life!

  1. Mom

    June 16, 2015 at 10:29 pm

    Just made me cry, that’s what Grandparents are for to fill the gaps of time you just don’t have, that’s what I miss the most, watching the kids grow up! Hang in their God is faithful! We love and miss you all so much! Love Dad and Ma Cz


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