I Love The Variety

07 Mar

One of the things that I love best about missions work is that it changes all the time. The end goal is of course the Great Commission, but day to day life is very fluid. One day you may be helping paint a church and the next you are helping slaughter your neighbors sheep. The variety of life here tickles my fancy, but for those of you who like a rigid schedule…you may find it difficult. The only sure thing I find myself doing daily is working. (Siempre Trabajando! Is what the Hondurans call it!)

Still working on our visa paperwork…Sometimes I feel like foreign governments like to take advantage of “Rich Americans” if you know what I mean. When I tell the Hondurans how much it costs me to live in their country legally, they say “Our government is full of thieves and corruption.” But that is part of the process of missions work.

As I mentioned above, we helped paint the little church in our village one weekend. It is amazing to see how a few gallons of paint is a huge blessing to the poor church members. They saved and saved for the money to buy the paint.

Painting the Church

Painting the Church

Still trying to sell or trade my gray car. While one guy was taking it for a test drive a water tube blew and it overheated and blew the head-gasket again…I’m now sure it has a demon living in it.

I helped my neighbor Kill and butcher two of his sheep the other day. I told him one day that I hunted for deer in the States and he asked me if I cleaned and butchered them. I said yes which led to me killing and butchering his sheep. I briefly got to share the gospel with him which made it all worth it. It was interesting killing it with a knife. Not to be gross, but I was surprised at how easy the knife slipped through the ribcage and into the heart.

My other neighbor also has sheep…But it was my dog who thought it was his duty to do the butchering and completely mauled a poor little lamb which I ended up paying for. I was not happy about that!

Been keeping an eye out for land. I have a couple thousand dollars saved so far. I want to make a good choice.

A pastor of another missionary came down this week and visited our church and said he would buy the small lot next to it so that the church has space to grow. I was originally thinking of buying that lot for a discipleship center but thought it was a little to small and would limit growth and expansion, but I’m glad to see the church get it.

Passed out the last remaining medical supplies we had to the orphanage.

Jose Santos asked me if I would be willing to work with a teenager at the orphanage to help him make wooden benches for the church there and teach him how to use the tools. I told him I would love to do that.

Jennie has been busy schooling the kids and keeping up on house work. Thank all of you who gave us laptops…they are a huge help. She also brings Patience to her ministry at the school.

Jennie has been bugging me to buy a refrigerator for her friend in the village. (If you saw my video when we where on furlough, it was the lady doing the milling.) Jennie really has a heart for her.

Been thinking about getting a motorcycle as a second means of transportation. Believe me, I know they are dangerous. But economically it would help. Jennie isn’t completely sold on the idea, but with every new car bill she loosens up on her opinion. It is funny how you start thinking more like the nationals the longer you live with them. They think Moto’s are great. They are cheap and economical! I’m begining to think the same.

Pray for my back as I have been struggling with a pinched nerve. I’ve spent about three weeks digging through solid rock by hand and my back didn’t like it. It makes my arms go numb which I find very annoying.

About half of the rocks we've dug up!

About half of the rocks we’ve dug up!

Been taking trips to our new house which we will be renting next month. Trying to drop stuff off when I get the chance.

Just saw something about Samaritans Purse pulling out of Honduras. Need to research that more and find out if it is true. But if that is the case, I was thinking about doing my own little shoebox ministry for the kids here in my village this upcoming Christmas. Not sure how it would work completely, but I have an Idea.

The well in our local village just went dry. Been seeing lots of people carry buckets down the road to transport water from a local watering hole. Don’t ever take your water for granted….it is so precious. Many have very little.

Guess I’ll wrap it up for now. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. We could not do what we do without you. Remember, your prayers matter!


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2 responses to “I Love The Variety

  1. Julia

    March 7, 2015 at 10:15 am

    so proud of you guys! Great hearing all the updates. Love and miss you! 😘

  2. Dad

    March 9, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    The idea about the motorcycle concerns me knowing about the driving conditions in Honduras. I’m praying God will provide you with a safer mode of transportation. What about a horse?


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