Back in the saddle again!

06 Feb

So no, we are not literally back in the saddle again, but we are fully back in the swing of ministry. Although at times with the way our vehicles run, a horse don’t sound like that bad of an idea…HA, ha, ha!

First off I just wanted to send out a big thanks to everyone who switched over from ITeams to CMC. We really appreciate your diligence with the transition. I also wanted to send out a thank you to all off you who gave end of the year donations and your generosity and willingness to give to the Lords work down here in Honduras.

So what have we been doing, well as I mentioned above, our cars are always keeping us on our toes. The day we flew in, My truck which was packed to overflowing with luggage, broke down in the city on the way home. I got the chance to push it down the main road of Tegucigalpa and wait for a tow. It could have been worse, at least I didn’t have to do it in snow. (Sorry Northerners!)

We put our grey car up for sale or trade. and when I say trade, I mean trade it for anything. I am hoping to find someone who wants to trade for a piece of land in which I can use for ministry.

We also passed out tons of bags of clothes, shoes and medical supplies to the poor in our village and also to the orphanage down the road.

Jennie has been a full time teacher homeschooling the kids and also cooking, cleaning and hosting people. I forget how much time you use your home for ministry. We constantly have people over here. Especially in a culture more focused on relationships and community. I love having people here.

Our neighbor Jose who we built a house for was happy to see us…He said it felt more like we were gone for more like three years than three months.

Me and Jennie have been going through a 12 week discipleship program that Pastor Dolvin uses to teach new believers in the church. He wanted our opinion on what we thought of it. He also thought it would help us with our Spanish. The lessons are supper basic, but the verse memorization in Spanish has been challenging. So far I think the material is theologically sound and good for brand new believers still on milk.

We also have started the process of working on our visa renewal. We joined the “Honduran Fellowship Of Missions” to help us with that process. We will be dragging all of the kids to the city today to get our pictures taken for the application.

We have already toted a hand full of people around to different places who have no vehicles. Doctors appointments, church services, funerals, etc. Just helping in everyday things is a big part of our ministry.

Still looking to buy land to build a discipleship center. A good price around this area is about $16,000 an acre. Would also like to see a church plant further up in the mountains which has no good bible preaching church.

I have also been spending some time working on on our land. Trying to prep for a future house as we will be leaving the house here at the camp at the end of march. We will be renting another missionary house in the meantime. not the perfect situation as we will be moving out of this community, but works for now.

I have rapidly lost 10 pounds already of all of the holiday food I ate in the states over our furlough.

Patience will be starting her ministry with the school kids teaching them English next week.

We bought property with water access, But the water is just a trickle. When I went to look at the well, I realized it is just a natural well (muddy hole) way up in the mountain which travels through a tube to our property about 4 miles away. It’s functional, but needs lots of work.

Attended a funeral of a lady who visited our house often. She was hit by a car trying to cross the road. Velas (wakes) and funerals are typically a 24-36 hour ordeal here.

I could go and on, but I’m sure very few have even made it this far.

Thanks for your faithful support and please continue to pray, pray and pray for the ministry here.

We love you.

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One response to “Back in the saddle again!

  1. Anita

    February 6, 2015 at 11:00 am

    Praying for you and your family. Enjoy reading about what is going on in your lives. Anita


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