Rain…Rain…More Rain!

04 Jun

Rainy season is definitely here! The mountains are looking lush and green and the hills that were barren with dust & dirt are now frosted with vegetation.

Scattered throughout the villages you can see locals working the soil with makeshift hoes with crooked handles while the small children play amongst their parents.

Our once dry and dusty road has turned into a pitted muddy trail with long ruts and grooves created from the heavy rains.

Mosquito activity has increased as well as snake and toad sightings.

While the rain has its challenges, it comes with an expectation of a harvest. Almost every Honduran living amongst us have been working hard to get their crops in the now, moist workable soil.

We on the other hand are looking forward to a different type of harvest. We are looking for spiritual fruit. We are working the grounds of Honduras for a crop of eternal value.

Here is how our last month has looked:

  • Held a camp for a group of special needs children. I (Tim) got to dress up like a soldier in camouflage and hide in a tree while the kids tried to find me. Our theme was Soldier and was focused on the Armor of God.
  • Backed our Spanish tutoring down to half-time. But I feel it is hurting my already suffering Spanish. Really need a National Honduran for a neighbor.
  • Now that Tutoring is taking up less time, working more hours around the camp property. Tons of maintenance projects to keep up on along with new projects to tackle.
  • Trying to figure out what to do with our kids schooling next year. It’s a challenge.
  • Got side swiped by a gas truck, which gave my newly purchased truck some character.
  • Working on trying to finish up the new bathroom off of our main building.
  • Installed some drainage on the workshop. All the buildings need it.
  • Went to the market in downtown Tegus. Cool experience.
Gid playing in the rain.

Gid playing in the rain.

A lot is going on. Many hours have been poured into language studies with a lot more to go. But I’m holding out for that rainy season. I’m holding on to the anticipation of a harvest. Right now it’s tilling and watering. But I’m trusting God that in due time, He will provide a ripe harvest.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. Hey…Hey…Your prayers REALLY do matter!


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3 responses to “Rain…Rain…More Rain!

  1. Mom

    June 5, 2013 at 12:27 am

    Hey sounds like you are overwhelmed with business! I know with Tate & Cassie leaving it will fall on you guys to have to do all the stuff they did and more and I am sure that is stress in itself? I am trying to continue to pray about the whole situation but I am getting targeted by Satans ugliness and keeping me up at nights because I am worrying. I know it is wrong to worry and I have been praying that God will relieve my bombarded mind with all these terrible situations and trust Him, many nights I just say to myself I am getting on a plane and going there right now and helping with whatever but then reality hits when I can’t get up b/c of the pain in my back and I say to myself, ok God I realize I am older but please fix me up so I can do something and God reminds me how important prayer is, and so I pray! I really miss you guys more than I can express, it’s killing me but the blessings to know that you are where God wants you, and He is there with you all taking care of you All is the calming effect that swarms over me and releases the fears that seem to bind me in my hours of need! Thank you all for continuing to give me Hope, Faith and encouragement by your continued obedience, patience, purpose and desire to serve our Lord.I am praying that this time passes quickly so that we may be reunited soon, my heart aches and I love you all so much! I also want you to know no matter what we are here for you, if you need Anything just ask, we want to help! You are always welcome home! Love Mom


    June 15, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Gidion is SO CUTE and is growing up so fast 😮 so adorable! I hope everything goes well with the camp!!!!! :)still waiting for that next video!!!!!! patience did great with “Jesus take the Wheel” great job to her!:)

    We all love you so much:)
    LOVE, Hailey Hemingway

  3. Sylvie Grenier

    July 2, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    Love all you are doing!!!


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