Truth or Dare…?

14 Mar

(Emphatic dialogue.) “What do you want?… I want the truth! …You can’t handle the truth!”

I love that part of a Few Good Men.

Have you ever read a book just to stop half way through to start a different book that for some reason now seems much more interesting than the one you were just reading? Yeah, I’m guilty. I have like a dozen books with index cards and various other objects stuck half way through them as book marks. They are usually scattered all around my house. It is actually quite an accomplishment for me to read a book from cover to cover.

The other day I saw a book that I had started to read and picked it back up and started reading it again. I guess the gap in time made it appealing again. I’m glad I did.

The chapter that I dove into was all about truth and lies..(sounds like a new soap opera title.) The book went on to explain how God is truth and everything that flows from Him is truth. But the Devil is a liar and everything that comes from Him is meant for deceit. (Lying is his native language.) The Devil is out to deceive us all and sometimes he does a mighty fine job at it.

But as Christians we are able to defend ourselves against that slippery serpents wily schemes if we hold fast to Gods Word. The one thing that should scream out from a Christians character is honesty. If we are representing God, and God is truth, we need…Yes! we need to be truth tellers.

Lying has become too commonplace amongst believers. I sometimes think we forgot it was one of the 10 commandments. Yeah it’s right in that list with murder, adultery and idol worship.

Believe me…Satan will do everything he can to get you to believe his lies. Don’t do it. You can overcome whatever sin you struggle with. Satan wants you to believe you can’t…He is a liar. 1 Corinthians 10:13 say’s you can resist…And that is from God which means it is truth.

So here it is…number one, don’t lie. Number two, we don’t need to live our lives based on Satan’s lies. Worry, fear, greed, covetousness, anger, bitterness and the alike will get us nowhere. Trust God come near to God and resist the Devil…that is the key to success.That is the Truth! Can you handle It?

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