Financial Update

10 Feb

Hola, I just wanted to give a quick financial update as to where we are at in our support raising.

We are currently at 63% of our total monthly support needs. We also have about 47% of our total out-going costs.

Thank you for all of you who have committed to our support…it is such a blessing. Really, a huge blessing.

We are currently praying as a family to be at 70% by the end of February. But we do understand that all is done in God’s timing.

If you would like to partner with us in this ministry we would love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and dessert to share our ministry vision with you…and of course to just chat and fellowship.

Some may be asking, “So what can I do?” Here is what we are praying God provides:

40 more supporters at $50.00 a month = 100% Yippee!   Or

20 more supporters at $100.00 a month = 100% Hooray!!   Or

10 more supporters at $200.00 a month = 100% Hallelujah!!!   Or

4 more supporters at $500.00 a month = 100% Wow! if this is even an option for you…call me. LOL!   Or

Any other combination a month = 100% Praise God!!!!

Once we are at 100% we can buy our tickets and head down to Honduras. (ecstatic anticipation)  Please pray that we can be patient in God’s timing as we pursue His calling in our lives.



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