24 Nov

So you are probably asking, “what in the world is Turducken?” Turducken Is a chicken wrapped in a duck wrapped in a turkey (all deboned, of course). I don’t know about you, but it sounds delicious to me. Given the dryness of chicken and turkey and the succulence of duck it would seem as though this non-traditional turkey recipe would make for a well-balanced block of meat goodness. Mmmmmhhhhh….I’m begining to water at the mouth just thinking about it.

OK Tim, focus…focus!

Sorry for the lapse of sanity back there. Sometimes I get a little carried away this time of year thinking about all of the succulent goodies that will pass by my lips, hit my taste buds, and settle into my mid section sending me into a state of post dinner L-tryptophan shock (nap time).

It is said that most Americans will gain between 5-10 pounds during the holiday season. Five to ten pounds. I don’t know about you, but I like eating. Food is good and sometimes eating is just downright fun. During Thanksgiving I will eat, eat, & eat just because I can. What a joy to live in a country with plenty.

I woke up this thanksgiving morning feeling super blessed. God has giving me a beautiful wife, awesome kids, good friends, food, family, shelter and the list goes on. God has been good to me. But as I sat there thinking about all of my blessings to be thankful for, the thought passed through my mind of those who didn’t have all of the things I have. Many don’t have food, many don’t have family and many don’t have shelter. What if I was one of them. Would I, could I, be just as thankful?

As I pondered on this self imposed question I was reminded of those things that have deeper worth, eternal worth.

What is more important than our relationship with the Lord? Nothing! A relationship made possible solely by the goodness and graciousness of a loving God. Is there anything more precious than our redemption?

As I basked in thankfulness for my redemption, I was reminded of the overflow of the gift of salvation. Not only was my name written in the book of life, I became part of a new family, God’s family. What a blessing to be part of a family built on the foundation of redemption.

While many in this world will not be celebrating thanksgiving, or any other holiday with piles of food in front of them and surrounded by family. We have a far greater gift in Christ. We have an eternal family and we will one day be together from all parts of the world feasting with our Savior together.

I wonder if Turducken is on the menu at The Marriage Supper of the Lamb?

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