Honduras Update!

So as many of you know, last month we had the grand opening of our new church. It has been a huge blessing. The extra space was desperately needed. Just last week we had over 100 people come for our special kids service”Dia del Niño.” It would have been uncomfortable trying to squeeze everyone into the old church. Would have felt like a can of sardines.

After the church build, I took some time to finish the walls and install a metal roof onto the house we are building for our family. It’s been a slow process, but we are making advances little by little.


Metal Roof Installed on our House

Last week I played Mr. Mom as Jennie and Patience left for the week to help out with a ladies conference. They helped decorate and teach. Jennie said they had over 220 Honduran ladies attend the conference. All I know is that I am not meant to be a stay at home mom…just happy the kids survived my cooking for the week.

Was nice to get Patience back from WOL NY. She left a hole when she was gone and we missed her. She came back with Cheri Stimson who visited for the week. It’s always good for Jennies psyche when we have guests even though its hard when they leave.

Hoping God provides the funds for me to start a new project soon. Carla a lady in our church with small children needs a new house. You can read more about it under the projects tab. Jennie really has a heart for her and would love to see her living situation improved. Carla works as a maid and gets paid about $0.76 cents a day…”A DAY”…plus food.


Carla’s current house

There is a real joy in helping out someone who has very little. Even though Carla works full time, she will never be able to improve her financial situation without help. If you make minimum wage…consider yourself blessed…Many…Many, can only dream of income like that.

Pray for our kids who have been struggling with missing life in the USA. It’s been really difficult for some to adjust to life here.

Pray for Jennie as she home-schools the children.

Pray for funds to continue doing ministry.

Thanks for all of you who support us with your finances and prayers. You are a blessing and we appreciate you.



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Grand Opening!


This past month was exciting! All of our hard work on our new church build finally came to an end as we celebrated with a grand opening ceremony. The ceremony drew folks from all of the surrounding villages and we had 190 people show up to see the new church and participate in the inauguration service.


Where’s Pete? See if you can find Jennies Dad.

Thanks to all of you who helped with this project. God is using your generosity to reach the people in this country.

It was nice to have Jennies folks with us for 3 weeks. They put in long hours of work to help us finish. They were a huge help during the last push.

Also wanted to give a “shout out” to all who donated for the chairs. It came down to the wire but y’all came through! Thanks for your faithfulness.

While it is nice to have this project under our belts, I miss the comradery of working together with my Honduran brothers. Need to start another church plant soon so we can get back to it.

Had a baptism in which 5 people followed in the obedience of Jesus. Always a blessing!

Personal project:

After the inauguration ceremony, I spent a little time taking apart my broken Pick-up and turning it into a trailer.


Turned the bed of my Ford ranger into a trailer.

I tend to find myself doing things I would have never considered doing in the States…But  here, when life gives you a broken truck, you make a trailer.


The kids enjoyed having their grandparents here for 3 weeks.


Lillie teaching the oldies the art of “The Selfie”

Patience is still working at WOL Island. She comes home in about 3 weeks. We’ve missed her but are super proud of her for giving up her summer to do ministry.


Looking to buy a piece of land for a new church plant in the mountains of Izopo. I have about half of the funds needed to buy the land. Pray for us as this will be a challenging plant due to poor access to the village. The roads wash out during rainy season which makes bringing materials very challenging.

Also hoping to get a roof on our house soon. The rain has been reaking havoc on the foundation and has caused it to sink a little.


Thanks for all of your support. Your prayers and financial gifts allow us to minister here. There is not a day that passes in which we are not thankful. You are this ministry.


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Update, Newsletter, Blog post or whatever else you want to call it.


Just wanted to start off by saying thank you to all of you who faithfully support us. Your prayers and financial gifts keep us going. Thank you so much!

Financial update:

To be honest, our financial situation brings me joy and stress both at the same time. Let me explain. When we left for the mission field we had about 55 individual monthly supporters. That is people who pledged to give a certain amount every month so that we maintained a steady budget. We are now down to about 30. That is the stress part, we have lost a little over 1/3 of our monthly support. You may not realize, but the reason missionaries constantly ask for support is because they constantly are losing it…that is just the nature of missions.

The joy part comes from the fact that despite losing 1/3 of our monthly support, we are still here and we have not starved to death. Just when I think we wont make it, someone gives us a onetime gift that carries us through another month. It helps remind me that God is still in control…that brings me Joy. Don’t ever think a one time gift isn’t helpful…we love you one time givers too!

Another joy comes from donations towards projects. Even though project money doesn’t go directly towards our family needs, It frees up money that we would have pulled out of our own budget to do ministry.

Church build update:

The church build has been going great. All of the money has been provided to finish the church. Now it is just a matter of time. I am thinking we will be finishing up in about 3 weeks.


As you can see from the image above, the windows have been installed and next is the metal bars. (To keep the crooks out)IMG_0465

Here you can see the front porch railing has been installed and is ready for polyurethane.

I wish I could express to you how excited these Hondurans are about this church…Pastor Dolvin is constantly saying, “Never in my dreams could have I imagined preaching in a church like this…It is so beautiful.” I hope you know that your generosity has a huge impact on the peoples hearts of our humble village church of Ocumupe!


We lost our oldest daughter to WOL Island for the summer. This is the first time any of our kids will be away for more than a few weeks. We miss her, but are proud that she was willing to give up her summer to work in ministry for free.

The other kids continue to keep Jennie busy as she schools and maintains the house. Sometimes she can get stir crazy in the house, so we have been doing more joint shopping trips to the city. It gives us time together away from our troop of crazy gorillas.

This past week I spent a good part of my time getting to know our toilet more personally. Something nasty hit me like a train and my internals are still recuperating.

Jennies Parents come for a visit in a week and will be here for three weeks. We are looking forward to that.

My truck died and I am currently taking it apart to make a trailer. I figured, why not…Once I finish taking it apart I will try selling some of it to the junkers and weld a trailer hitch onto the bed. Wallah!!! 100% hillbilly trailer.

Our house project is on hold until after the church is completed and we get some funds to put a roof on.

Future Church plant:

As we finish up the church, we have been planing for future ministry and outreach opportunities. While exploring our local area I discovered a village of about 400 in a valley about a half an hour from our current local church. The village is impossible to get to without a rugged 4 wheel drive vehicle and during rainy season only by horse or mule. There is currently no church in this village…We found a piece of land for sale pretty central to the populace and are praying for the funds to buy it. We will use it to build a church. The people need a place to hear the word of God. The lot is only about a thousand us dollars ($1000.00)


The fruit-flies have been unbelievable this year. We literally have thousands of them in our house.

We bought Lillie a baby turtle and the little girls left it out which turned into our dog eating it…don’t worry, she vomited it up later.

Found a place that makes the most amazing tortillas. Not sure about the sanitary code, but they were delicious.

Talked to a Honduran who believed that if a pregnant woman looks at a rainbow, her baby will be born with problems.

Your prayers matter,




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Swinging the Hammer

Lots of ministry is done by swinging a hammer! Yes, I have been preaching, but it seems the majority of my time this past month has been spent building. I told myself that as long as the money keeps coming in for our new church build, I would continue to spend my time helping with the construction process. Praise the Lord! I think we have the funds to complete Phase #1 of our new church in the village of Ocumupe.

We are hoping to finish within the next couple of months. You are all invited to the inauguration ceremony which we will schedule upon completion. I know most can’t hop on a plane for a weekend visit to Honduras, but if you can you are welcome and we would love to have you. We’ll even feed you if you come.

Happy our friend Lauren came for a visit…The comradery for Jennie is a blessing. She has taken the time to visit us every year!

We got our new residency cards for the year! Never fun to sit around in the hot, smelly immigration office.

We have one car running well, praise God!

Patience is leaving with Lauren in a week to work on WOL Island in N.Y. for the summer.

I could keep babbling, but instead of listening to that, check out our video below.

Thanks for your prayers and support…we couldn’t do it without you!

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Getting Back to Field Work

We have officially arrived back in Honduras about two weeks ago. Our travel with the seven kids is always eventful and when you throw a spring snow storm in on top of it, it gets crazy.

Our layover in Atlanta originally left us 50 minutes to switch planes which normally is plenty of time, but with the snow we were delayed 30 minutes which left us literally running through the airport dragging 7 sleepy kids.

When we got to the gate and saw it empty I was sure we missed our flight…We didn’t, but we were the last to board. Thankful we didn’t get stuck in Atlanta for the night.


Jennie Embracing her Friend

Once we finally got back and settled in, it was nice to catch up with friends. I’m super thankful for our friends who took care of our house down here when in the States and for those who gave us a ride home from the airport.


Violet has a violet eye!

It didn’t take long for Violet to try breaking our floor with her face….Just kidding! She is OK as we had a doctor make sure it wasn’t broken.


New Church Construction

I was super excited to see that our guys led by Pastor Dolvin had finished the foundation to our new church building. I was able to jump right in helping to lay bricks when I got back. Another Church had donated the money to buy the materials to start the walls. We probably have about a week left of work before we run out of materials and money…Waiting on God to provide the rest of what we need.


Broken Timing Belt

Life isn’t normal here without spending some time during the week working on my cars. I left my truck for the Hondurans to use when I was back in The States. Came back to a broken timing belt and some bent and twisted metal. This is the third timing belt in the last year which led me to realize my mechanic had not been fixing the root of the problem. Bit the bullet and purchased a new timing kit to replace all the bearings. Then I will lay hands on it and splash some oil on it to heal it. If that doesn’t work I will perform a ceremony to cast out the demons living within my motor!

Much more I could share, but most probably haven’t even made it this far. Going to attempt to keep my peeps back in the States more informed as I tend to get caught up in ministry and neglect good communication. We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks for your love, support and prayers! This is your ministry too!


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Leaving Again!

One of the hardest parts about coming back to the States is having to leave friends and family again. I feel like it is just easier when you don’t visit. When we are in Honduras, we kind of get accustomed to life abroad.

Quick update:

Just got the last of the Kids passports back in the mail….Praise God! I was starting to sweat it a little.

Had a good trip down to the D.C. area to visit my sister and make some new contacts. We had the opportunity to share our ministry during two different Spanish services and also with some of the leaders at McLean Bible church.

Kids also had a good time catching up with their cousins and eating Chick-fil-A.

Easter was great as we ate lots of food and visited with family.


Started Packing.

Jennie has started the packing process which usually takes about a week. It takes her a while to sort through all of the piles of clothes and junk the 7 kids have acquired while living stateside.

Feeling a little emotional thinking of how some of you have faithfully been supporting us for about 5 years now. You have no idea how much we appreciate your faithfulness. Your generosity literally puts food on our table.

Please pray for safe and uneventful travel as we leave in a week.

You are loved



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Quick update!

Just wanted to send out a quick update! And by quick, I mean quick!

I have spent the last month bouncing around from church to church preaching and giving ministry updates. It has been nice catching up with friends and family.

I also spent about a week or so helping my parents remodel a bathroom that they wanted redone.

Helped with a few roofs that needed to be re-shingled!

Shoveled way more snow than I would have liked.

Started the renewal process for our 7 kids passports. (Pray we get them back in time.)

Had some blood work done…Thyroid levels stable! That’s Good! I never get it checked in Honduras!

Had kids get physicals and tested for TB.

Gained about 10+ pounds on good ol’ American junk food!

Trying not to be too anxious about getting back to Honduras! I miss it!

Getting ready to start my taxes!

A big, huge, gigantic thanks to all of you who love and support us as we serve in Honduras. Your prayers are always coveted!

If you want to hook up with us before we leave, contact us! We would love to catch up before we head back.


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